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Frequently asked questions

The brand

  • How did Apose come about?

    We, Didier Finck, designer, and Ludovic Zussa, physicist and engineer, worked for 10 years for prestigious Swiss brands, all trying to outdo each other in who can produce the most sophisticated, ornate and precious watch. Together, we became convinced that it was time to get back to the purity of high-end watches and understated French elegance. Visit the Commitment  page to find out more about us.

  • What is purity?

    Oddly, the purity of an object is a mixture, quite unlike the purity of a human being. It is a mixture that builds values, in which each ingredient enhances all the others. Visit the Commitment  page to find out more about us.

  • What is a high-end watch?

    The high-end criterion is a value judgement based on the co-existence of qualities characterising the design, the creation and its authors, the materials, finishes, design, manufacture and assembly.

  • Where does the name Apose come from?

    We very quickly agreed on the name Apose. This name does not have any specific meaning, but its sound conjures up an image of serenity and purity. Neither masculine or feminine, it can claim to be French and is easy to pronounce in all languages. It is also linked to the homophone “appose”, which explains the (real) joy of asserting one’s own style, brand, signature, specific features and differences.

  • What is elegance?

    Elegance is natural in human beings. It is a cocktail of signals which arouses intense emotion and an ultra-pleasing sensation of exception in the person who perceives them. If the signals are accentuated, the elegance is dazzling. If they are gentle, subtle and discreet, the elegance is understated.

  • What is elegance “à la française”?

    It is always a combination of weak but specific signals originating in our culture and characterised by understatedness, softness and discretion. It is a combination of almost imperceptible details but which really sets it apart. Visit the “Elegance à la française” section  on the Commitment page to find out more about us.

  • Do you manufacture or assemble in France?

    It is easy and common to assemble watches in France.  However, manufacturing them in France is rare. That is the challenge that Apose has set itself. Visit the “Share the intention” section on the Commitment page to find out more about us.

  • Why don’t you engrave “Made in France” on your watch?

    Even today, assembling a product in France can be enough to claim “Made in France” status. We prefer not to display this statement to avoid endorsing this confusion.

  • Where are Apose watches produced?

    All the parts of our Apose watches are made by nine outstanding French manufactures. The movement is made between the Swiss and French Jura and the strap for the No.3 collection is made by the best Italian workshop. Visit our Outstanding manufactures  page to find out all about our artisan manufacturers.

  • Why don’t you use a French movement?

    Currently, there aren’t (yet) any movements made and assembled in France which satisfy the requirements of our specifications. One of Apose’s quests is to bring about the revival of this exceptionally complex expertise in France. Visit the “Pure energy” section on the Commitment  page to find out more about us.

  • Why is your strap Italian?

    The design of the strap is unique. The rubber sheaths the metal buckle by overmoulding. The only workshop we found that was able to develop the necessary process and obtain the fine manufacturing quality we required was in Italy. The tooling belongs to Apose and we are now looking for a French manufacture capable of developing the skills needed.

  • Are the founders novices to watchmaking?

    We both have 10 years experience working for major Swiss brands. Our expertise is complementary and we have created a strong professional bond. So we are not novices, but we are totally humble. We learn every day. We doubt every day (in the scientific sense of the word). Visit the “The Founders” section  on the Commitment page to find out more about us.

  • Is it possible to meet the founders?

    That is our dearest wish. We are in constant communication with those interested in Apose by all possible means and in particular face-to-face (when authorised). We have scheduled a great many trips in France and have a permanently staffed reception at our Mulhouse premises. Visit the News/Encounters page to see our updates. To contact us, go to our Let’s meet page.

  • What do you do to protect the environment?

    Our profession is traditionally characterised by a low environmental footprint. Nevertheless, we are improving our eco-responsible approach by three decisions :

    • The use of an automatic movement which therefore does not contain either a battery or electronics, both polluting components, and which are obsolete.
    • Our carbon footprint is minimal thanks to our heavily regional production.
    • Our boxes are made of recycled cardboard and are recyclable.

The watches

nº3-douz ardoise
nº3-douz noir de jais
nº3-douz indigo

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