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  • Why did you create a free community of owners of an Apose watch?

    An Apose watch is a prestigious watch. But an Apose watch is not just a watch.
    Its characteristics have all been carefully chosen so that they proudly bear the codes of a lifestyle in which all those who recognize themselves in it will be invited to share the ideas, questions, objects and tips that will nourish it. Among these codes, some are essential in our eyes: epicurean pleasure, French elegance, respect for our customers, the constant search for excellence, humility, the desire to surprise and please, culture on the contrary, the witticism and the desire to transmit all these virtues simply and sincerely. To follow our news on this subject, go to the News/A la française page.

The watches

Acier & Palladium
Acier & Bleu
Édition limitée Apose x BRI

24 month warranty

Enjoy the high quality of Apose watches.

Delivery and return offered

You have the right to try and even to give up.

Try at home

In peace, for 14 days at home, adopt an Apose.

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Secure transaction and payment in 3 times free of charge, if you want.