French watch, luxury watch | Apose

Pure, automatic and very French watches

2550 €
Steel & Palladium
Full Black
Full Rose Gold
Steel & Black
Black & Rose Gold
Rose Gold & Black
Exclusive design by Apose
Manufacturing and assembly in France
Franco-Swiss automatic movement
Unique format for women and men
Direct relationship with the founders
Purity according to Apose


Luxury watches are engaged in a frantic race for extravagance, complication and sophistication.

Going against this trend away from elegance, the two founders of Apose, designer Didier Finck and physicist Ludovic Zussa chose to return to the purity of high-end watches.

Unique design, exclusive research on material/light combinations, a single format designed for women and men, relationship without intermediaries with the founders, exclusive online sales, automatic movement serving a single function: to tell the time… all expressions of purity are mobilized to create exceptional objects with the highest quality/price ratio.

Apose Watches

Very French

More precisely, twice French.
Mainly made in the East of France, the cradle of watchmaking, Apose watches are also designed in every way in the purest French style.
French styling? Each country develops specific qualities (or faults) which have a decisive influence on creations and behaviors.

In France, this style combines very marked tendencies: the taste for ideas, the obsession with meaning, the thirst for excellence, the sense of detail, sobriety, the joyful indiscipline which leads to stepping aside.
These character traits when expressed in creation and innovation become French elegance, loved all over the world.

Apose claims these singularities and shares them with its customers so that French elegance asserts itself even more.

French made

Producing in France: audacity and rarity

It seems that you have to be crazy to want to create a high-end watch, using the know-how of the most prestigious French manufacturers and without any components from Asia.
Let’s be crazy.
This bet, Apose decided to win it as a team.
The Apose watch requires input from top players in the industry.
Our luck is that these precious heirs to flamboyant watchmaking are French and today supply the most demanding luxury brands in the world.
French watchmaking can and must produce top-of-the-range French brand watches. Apose, its partners and its customers are enthusiastically embarking on this adventure.

In direct relation with the brand

Between us, a direct, simple and sincere link

Manufacturing in France and offering a particularly attractive price/quality ratio is an equation deemed impossible to solve.
The solution is exclusive online sales which, by eliminating the traditional cascade of intermediaries, also makes it possible to build an incomparable relationship between Apose and its (future) customers.
It’s an extraordinary opportunity to be able to meet around an Apose watch.