FAQs after the purchase of an Apose watch
Frequently asked questions

After purchase

  • How do I adjust the time?

    The time is adjusted in the normal way. Simply pull gently on the crown and adjust the time by manually turning either forwards or backwards. When the crown is in adjustment position, the seconds hand stops turning. The three hands start to move again as soon as the crown is pushed back in. If the time is adjusted after the watch has stopped, start the movement again by manually turning the crown (clockwise) a few times. Please note that when the crown is pulled out in adjustment mode, the watch is no longer watertight. For information on how to take care of your watch, visit the Advice & maintenance page.

  • How do I look after my watch?

    To ensure your watch stays looking fantastic, to extend the life time of the back of the case and keep it waterproof for as long as possible, clean it from time to time using a soft, dry microfibre cloth to remove humidity, sweat and dust. You can also clean the case and the strap occasionally by wetting the microfibre cloth. Caution! Never use any chemical products to clean your Apose watch as these substances can interact with the materials making up the watch and permanently damage the finishes, coatings or waterproofing. For information on how to take care of your watch, visit the Advice & maintenance page.

  • To what depth is my watch watertight?

    Depending on the criteria currently in force, Apose watches are “watertight to 3 ATM or 30 metres”, which means three times atmospheric pressure or 30 metres under the water.
    This standard measurement specific to the watchmaking industry is misleading. In reality, it means that your watch can withstand splashes and rain without any problem.
    We advise you not to wear your watch to have a bath or shower or in a sauna, as the steam, soap and certain components of hot water can accelerate the decrease in its watertightness.

  • How long will my watch remain watertight?

    Your Apose watch will be watertight forever if you take regular care of it. You are advised to inspect its watertightness every year to check the seals on the glass, crown and back. These fine, fragile parts protect the delicate high-precision movement from damp and water. Please note that the seals are also damaged by cosmetic products, perfumes and detergents (including soap). For information on how to take care of your watch, visit the Advice & maintenance page.

  • What should I do if I notice condensation under the glass of my watch?

    Do not dry your watch using a heat source (radiator, hair dryer, etc.). Send your watch to us without delay. The specialist who will take charge of it in our approved workshop will be able to determine whether the water which created the condensation has already damaged the movement.

  • Is the watch scratch-resistant?

    Apose watches are robust. However, normal use of your watch will inevitably lead to micro-scratches on the metal parts of your watch. This patina has an undeniable charm.
    Nevertheless, if you subject your watch to more severe wear than that of passing time, more serious scratches may spoil this charm. Send your watch to us for polishing by a professional who will restore its initial splendour.

  • Is the watch shock-resistant?

    Your Apose watch is just as sensitive to knocks as you are, but unlike you, it does not heal. Protect it against severe or repeated shocks. In particular avoid dropping it on hard surfaces. Your watch is a sensitive precision instrument which will give you lasting satisfaction if you take care of it.

  • Is the watch resistant to extreme temperatures?

    The materials used to make the parts of your watch, particularly the metals, have been carefully selected for their physical qualities, robustness and longevity. However, there is no material which does not dilate or shrink when subjected to extreme temperatures or sudden temperature fluctuations.
    These inevitable changes in shape are very damaging for your watch with its highly precise adjustment. Therefore, avoid storing your watch at temperatures higher than 60°C (333 K) or lower than -5°C (268 K).

  • How does magnetism affect watches?

    Magnetic fields have a detrimental effect on the precision of all watches, causing them to run fast or slow. Avoid leaving your watch for long periods close to or in contact with objects generating significant magnetic fields such as mobile phones, television and computer loud speakers, magnetic necklaces, magnetic catches on handbags, hair dryers, electric razors and the magnetic parts of refrigerators.

  • When should I have my watch serviced?

    All mechanical systems, how ever small or simple, need to be serviced. The delicate automatic movement, which alone has 200 parts, needs to be carefully lubricated regularly. These traces of oil and grease dry or are consumed by the functioning of the movement until they disappear. If the movement is clogged or if there is not enough lubrication, the watch can become less accurate or its run time may be reduced. As soon as you notice this type of deterioration in performance, send your watch to us. In all cases, ask us to service it at least every four years. For information on how to take care of your watch, visit the Advice & maintenance page.

  • Where can I get my Apose watch serviced or repaired?

    We are the people who known your Apose watch the best. This obvious fact should be sufficient to convince you that we are the best placed to take care of your watch in our workshop. For information on how to take care of your watch, visit the Advice & maintenance page.

  • How long does it take to have my Apose watch serviced?

    As long as necessary. This answer may seem flippant, but it is right.
    Each service takes into account the specific state of the watch brought to us. This individualisation of our work on your watch is your guarantee of a fully adapted service. After diagnosis, we will systematically inform you of the time necessary and the planned date to return your watch.

  • How much does a service cost?

    For information, the price of a service on an Apose watch costs €250 including VAT.
    When we receive your watch, we take it apart and check a large number of points, some of which may lead to work that is not included in the flat rate fee. We inform you, and you then decide.

  • Is it possible to scratch a sapphire crystal glass?

    If you try hard enough, it is possible to scratch a sapphire crystal glass. On the Mohs scale which measures the hardness of minerals form 1 to 10, synthetic sapphire scores an excellent 9. It is only exceeded by diamonds, which score 10 and which can therefore scratch sapphires.
    Please note that cement can also scratch sapphires as it contains corundum which also scores 9 on the Mohs scale, like sapphire.

  • Can an Apose watch strap be changed?

    You can change an Apose watch strap yourself. We have made our straps interchangeable, with a catch system that is very quick and easy to operate to remove the strap from the case middle.

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