Advice and maintenance for your Apose watch

Watch care

Mechanical watches with automatic winding are particularly robust, but they are still sensitive to certain external aggression. In general, your Apose watch, which is designed to go everywhere with you, will withstand what you can withstand yourself.


Make sure that you do not expose your Apose watch to:

  • severe thermal shocks
  • severe or repeated physical shocks
  • abrasive substances or surfaces
  • extreme temperatures
  • radiation or high amplitude magnetic fields
  • aggressive chemicals
  • extreme pressure
  • immersion for extended periods
  • humid atmospheres for extended periods


Apose watches indicating 3 ATM (3 atmospheres) are water-resistant. We also say 3 ATM/30 metres. In reality, this measurement specific to the watchmaking industry means that your watch can withstand splashes and rain without any problem. Don’t give it showers or baths. Apose elegance only extends to dry land! The crown of an Apose has an aesthetic function and a technical role: By pulling out the crown and rotating, you can adjust the time. Make sure that you push it back in again immediately or the watch will no longer be watertight. Watchmakers’ seals are delicate parts which provide watertightness but which also wear out naturally. We advise you to have the watertightness of your watch checked once a year.

Watch care

Your Apose watch requires regular care that is very easy to do. To ensure that your watch retains its initial lustre for many years, simply clean it regularly using a microfibre cloth. Slightly moisten the same type of microfibre fabric to clean the case and rubber bracelet occasionally. Your Apose has an automatic movement which generates the energy necessary for it to work by capturing the energy from your movements. This means you don’t have to wind it up. If you take off your Apose, it will continue to work for 44 hours and then it will stop. This is known as its run time. If it remains inactive for longer, reset your watch to the correct time then wind it up by rotating the crown after pushing it back in. It will immediately start to work as normal on your wrist.


We advise you to send your Apose watch to us every four years for a full and meticulous service which will guarantee its longevity. Simply return your Apose watch to us:

  • with its original strap
  • in its original packaging

along with the returns slip which can be downloaded from the warranty page. It will be dealt with immediately and we will keep you informed regarding the work being done and when we will return it to you.

Unforeseen events

Do not hesitate to contact us for any situation that we have not included in this page. We will always be happy to improve and facilitate your life with Apose.

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