The Apose watch warranty


Your Apose watch is guaranteed for 2 years, with a contract setting out all the situations which are covered.

This warranty does not cover your watch for normal wear and tear, or damage due to negligence or a lack of care. As the strap is subject to wear, it is not covered by the warranty. Note that any work undertaken outside our workshops such as dismantling, replacing parts or repairs will definitely invalidate the warranty. For any incident covered by the warranty, you must return the watch:

  • with its original strap
  • in its original packaging
  • it will be dealt with immediately and we will keep you informed regarding the work being done and when we will return it to you.

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    The watches

    Édition limitée nº3-radial
    nº3-douz indigo
    nº3-douz céladon

    24 month warranty

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