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Our engagement

Apose chooses to return to the purity of high-end watches. This commitment is deliberately against current trends in watchmaking. It unfolds fully from the idea of purity, which is defined as a striking blend in which each ingredient sublimates all the others.

Purity in all its dimensions

A unique design

The graphic bias of Apose watches is a soft alliance between the rigor of the angles and the softness of the curves, going against the flow of the frank shapes of classic watches.
This form distinguishes Apose so much, to the point that it will be the prerogative of all the brand’s watches.
Its creation is in itself a surprising adventure that its creator, Didier Finck, rarely recounts:
“For years, I confined myself in my mission as a watch designer to conventional shapes: square, round, barrel-shaped.
The more time passed, the more these conventions seemed to me aggressive and the more I tried to imagine without admitting it to myself, the pure form of a watch.
So pure that she alone would enchant the most virile of men and the sweetest of women.
I will never be able to explain how or why one day, what had become an obsession became a creation.
A single drawing gave birth to this pure form that I had been looking for for so long.
A single drawing gave birth to Apose. »

Towards a perfect match

Apose watches benefit from the degree of extreme requirement of its creators.
Their research focuses on an astonishing and rare know-how that leads to thinking about shapes and materials so that they sublimate the light and produce a unique image.

The body of the watch offers the finest example of this curious association: the chamfer of the bezel receives a shiny mirror finish, just like the chamfer of the back of the watch. The light captured in this way creates silk reflections on the recessed caseband which has been satin-brushed with microbeading.

Everything in an Apose watch has been designed with the same concern for enhancing light.
The finely cut crown in 120 teeth, the hands with their subtle luster, the indexes that extend the flange overhanging the polished lacquered dial.

The set signs the unique personality of Apose watches: it is a spectacle of light and reflections that encourages the brand’s discoverers to handle the watch and see it from every angle in order to fully enjoy it.

Time, just time

The major watch brands seem to be permanently engaged in an astonishing and futile although technically admirable competition: the cohabitation, in the same case, of complications which can sometimes be counted by dozens.

This crazy race is launched to the detriment of most aesthetes who seek meaning, simplicity, poise and beauty rather than extravagance.

For them, Apose retains only the original function of the watch: to tell the time.

This mission is magnificent in its human dimension.
Knowing the time is not, in itself, essential.
But knowing the time to be on time is important.
This is what allows all encounters.
It suffices to imagine a world devoid of this quality of punctuality to understand its relational scope.

Offering the time, just the time, is also an opportunity for the watch; the luck of sobriety, of simple beauty like candid and graceful nudity.

Expressing purity of function through purity of purpose is a privilege for Apose.

pure energy

“My watch works because I move. It is my life that gives it life. It is my energy that it captures to give me the measure of time with precision. This is an exquisite feeling that binds me to my watch in an intimate relationship that is dear to me. No object can offer me such complicity. »

This testimonial from Ludovic Zussa explains Apose’s choice to equip all of its creations with an automatic movement that gives them the status and prestige of high-end watches.

The Swiss manufacturer Soprod produces the Newton® movement that equips Apose watches. It is the exception to the rule of Apose which seeks to establish partnerships only with French companies.

Apose fully embraces this singularity for 3 reasons:

  • There is not (yet) an equivalent French movement.
  • Soprod is a recognized player that uses local productions.
  • Newton® is a movement whose technical qualities and the refinement of its design are in perfect harmony with Apose’s requirements.

A single size

Apose’s inaugural series appeared in December 2020. It was offered in two formats: 36 mm with a very feminine crystallized finish and 41 mm with a more masculine brushed finish.

Many testimonials from women hailed the elegance of the two models and also expressed the wish that the largest of the formats be the subject of a feminine livery.
At the same time, men often expressed the wish for a model more in harmony with the slenderness of their wrist.

At the same time, Apose claimed to want to end the traditional segmentation that tied diameter to gender.
The two founders have decided by invoking, rightly, their commitment to simplicity: the different Apose collections that will come out of the workshops will have a single diameter of 40 mm.

This decision fits perfectly with fashion, which favors a beautiful presence on the wrist. This fashion also seems to want to drag on to become a timeless style.

Nobody between you and us

The watch is a singular object.
Beyond its mission of measuring time, the watch is an incredible instrument for creating links and passions.
It is enough to observe the emotion of a child, who has always admired his mother’s or father’s watch, the day he receives his first watch.

We, creators of Apose, are so imbued with these emotions that it was obvious for us to prolong them by making natural, sincere and direct relations with the buyers of our watches.

The relationship between us does not correspond to the habits and customs of our market. If this is another side step from Apose, that’s good news.

Our business model serves this purpose perfectly.
The exclusive online sale is not only the opportunity to reduce the cost of our watches by two. It puts us in direct contact with our customers.
We will cultivate this facility by constantly traveling to the four corners of France (and beyond), to meet (without screens) passionate aesthetes.

French elegance

Throughout the world, the elegance of French productions is recognized as the finest expression of class, prestige and presence.
It is a phenomenon that affects all crafts, which the French transform into arts with stubbornness and unequaled rigor: furniture, gastronomy, wines, perfumes, jewellery, fashion and…watchmaking.
It is difficult to pierce the mystery; so much so that we always come back to these delicious expressions of the little-je-ne-sais-quoi, the tiny-nothing-that-changes-everything, indescribable explanations of French charm.

French elegance is always sober.
However, it is the result of a demanding approach in terms of meaning, initial reflections, taste for detail, audacity, indiscipline which joyfully upsets the most solid conventions, panache and obsession with its purpose: to please.

Apose is entirely sculpted in this French culture and it is quite naturally that the brand’s watches claim all the characteristics of this French elegance.

Share intent

We exist in an economic sector that did not wait for us to set its codes and freeze its habits.
Are we justified in questioning things?

The context revolves around simple facts:

  • A French network of watch manufacturers whose excellence is intact but which serves demanding foreign brands.
  • A Frenchness that is still a reference abroad, again appreciated on its soil, which sometimes encourages people to claim made in France without completely respecting it.
  • A frank political determination to revive the industrial flagships that have faded in a few decades.
  • A finally shared awareness that France is made for quality rather than mass production.

In this landscape, we want to act with enthusiasm and determination, without ever giving lessons. If we remain isolated, our intention will remain fragile. If we mobilize all those who want to share this intention, we collectively have every chance of succeeding.

Purity in all its dimensions

The founders

Didier Finck (left), design manager, worked for the Swatch Group from 2012 to 2020. He worked on product design and advertising and digital communication for several of the group's major brands such as Omega, Longines, Hamilton and Swatch.

Ludovic Zussa, a physicist expert in laser technologies and specialist in watch product innovation, was in charge of technological innovation at the Swatch Group from 2010 to 2012, then headed the industrialization strategy of the Sandoz Foundation's Watchmaking Division. He has mainly worked on prestigious brands such as Parmigiani, Tag Heuer, Zenith and IWC.
In 2018, he rejoined the Swatch Group to work closely with Didier Finck's teams in order to find technical solutions allowing the production of new creations of the Swatch brand.

Their complicity and their common passion for innovation led them to create the Apose brand with the firm intention of writing a new page in French watchmaking.

French made

The pure logic of creating French elegance with French people.

Apose watches are thought out, designed, manufactured and assembled in France. French manufacturing must flourish and shine all over the world. This conviction is too rarely applied in watchmaking and the made in France is often reduced to the assembly of Asian components. Apose is engaged in a sensitive fight to entrust all of its manufacturing to exceptional French manufacturers, now suppliers of the most prestigious Swiss watch brands, in order to revive the worldwide prestige of French watchmaking.

The watches

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