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Watchmaker-creator Romain Thiriet joined Apose in June 2021. The adage “birds of a feather flock together” finds perfect expression in this promising professional alliance.
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Romain Thiriet studied watchmaking in Rennes and accumulated numerous prestigious awards (including first prize in the Jaeger-LeCoultre Merit Competition).
“Among the 64 watch brands included in the White Book of Haute Horlogerie, none is French.​
Haute Horlogerie is a particular segment in the luxury mechanical world. Often represented by extravagant complications, technically raised, and buried under precious stones.
It is necessary to offer an honest and worked watch. The idea is simple: remove the excess to release the soul of the watch »
Romain’s point of view is the exact position taken by Apose. It only took one meeting between the founders of Apose and Romain to see how much they shared the same requirement for elegance and excellence.

Method, meticulousness and rigor: the signs of luxury signed Romain

Apose entrusted Romain Thiriet with the assembly of its watches, a series of obviously decisive operations in order to be able to announce top-of-the-range quality. This assembly involves many steps. Citing them helps to understand the level of thoroughness required:

  • The installation of the dial on the automatic movement
  • Driving in the hands starting with the hours, then the minutes, then the seconds
  • Driving in and gluing the tube into the middle
  • The casing of the movement with dial and hands in the middle
  • Placement of the winding stem fixed on one side in the movement and screwed on the other on the crown
  • Range of motion control
  • The passage on a simulator to check the power reserve and possible retouching on the movement
  • Assembly of the sapphire crystal on the bezel
  • Assembly of the bezel and case back on the middle
  • Checking the waterproofness, fitting the bracelet
  • Aesthetic control

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