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Emeritus specialist in chemical etching and laser engraving, Berma puts his expertise at the service of Apose.
Artisanat manufacturier - Berma

Laser engraving shapes the Apose style

Berma, undisputed specialist in chemical engraving and laser engraving, works in many sectors of luxury, leather goods, jewelry, watches, high-end writing instruments. The finesse of his engraving work on the revolving shapes of pen nibs has made him famous.

Berma carries out the laser engraving of the watch back as well as the numbering of the limited series which makes each copy unique. The result is striking both tactilely and visually.
The company is equipped with many latest generation lasers. Their production tools and skills allow us to obtain exceptional quality marking, in the purest style of Apose watches.

The watches

nº3-douz céladon
nº3-radial noir de jais
nº3-radial vert cendré

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