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Boillod Polissage

Boillod Polissage's remarkable expertise in finishing precious and precise products has opened up numerous markets for it in the luxury and medical sectors.
Artisanat manufacturier - Boillod Polissage

The Franche-Comté expert seduces the most demanding

Established since the 1960s in Les Fins, a village in the Doubs region north of Morteau, the cradle of French watchmaking, Boillod Polissage is a recognized specialist in high-end finishing. Its expertise allows it to operate in the most demanding sectors such as watchmaking, leather goods, jewellery, perfumery and medical prostheses.

Quality recognition for fine watchmaking and medical

Boillod Polissage, which has state-of-the-art industrial tools, also masters all the engraving and marking processes on complex surfaces.
Its various skills and the extreme quality of the finishes enabled it to obtain in 2015 the ISO 9001 certificate for the polishing and careful finishing of luxury products and the following year, the ISO 13485 certificate for the polishing and careful termination of medical devices.

The Apose brand combines finishes for a perfect harmony of its watches

Apose and Boillod Polissage have the same vision of a job well done and of the significant impact of finishes on precious products. This is what forged the solidity of their partnership based on trust.
Boillod Polissage ensures the finishing of the watch case (middle, bezel and back) and the flange. Some steps are carried out manually, such as the flange with its 12 mirror-polished indexes.
The complexity linked to the desire of the Apose brand to obtain an aesthetic and top-of-the-range harmony of the different surfaces that rub shoulders on the case leads to the combination of polishing on the chamfers of the case-back and bezel, the bead-blasting of the middle and the satin finish of the bezel and the back.

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