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Customer Service

You have chosen an Apose watch. You are now looking forward to sharing memorable moments, intimate emotions and quiet pleasure with it over the years to come. Find the conditions and services we have put together to facilitate your satisfaction here.

14-day trial

You have 14 days to live with your Apose watch and begin this amazing journey specific to the watchmaking world which builds ties between a human being and an object.



Your Apose watch is guaranteed for 2 years, with a contract setting out all the situations which are covered.


Watch care

Mechanical watches with automatic winding are particularly robust, but they are still sensitive to certain external aggression. In general, your Apose watch, which is designed to go everywhere with you, will withstand what you can withstand yourself.



Find the answers to the questions we are most frequently asked about the Apose adventure, the choices made to design our watches, the simple way they are marketed and the care that will keep them running for an unlimited time, organised in eight themes.


The watches

Édition limitée Apose x BRI
Apose x Brittany Polo Club
nº3-radial indigo

24 month warranty

Enjoy the high quality of Apose watches.

Delivery and return offered

You have the right to try and even to give up.

Try at home

In peace, for 14 days at home, adopt an Apose.

Payment in 3x free of charge

Secure transaction and payment in 3 times free of charge, if you want.