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Rose Gold & Black

Rose Gold & Black

Apose - Rose Gold & Black

Rose Gold & Black

The most French of the collection because the most surprising. The n°3 Rose Gold & Black appears from afar like a resplendent rose gold bracelet and on approach reveals its horological vocation melted into a black of mysterious discretion.

40mm steel case / Automatic movement / Anti-reflective sapphire crystal

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Rose Gold & Black

Like a black lake that surrounds itself with a shore of gold and light

Light and finesse of a silhouette

The 3 tiers of the rose gold-treated case draw the silhouette of a bust. The finer central part receives a different finish from the other two, which offers a clear contrast. The finely cut crown in 120 notches accentuates the perception of elegance. Pure, automatic and very French, these few words that define Apose are engraved on the back, below the collection number.

Aesthetics sublimates technique

The flange is the most noticeable part of Apose watches. The 12 indexes are chiseled in the extension of the flange, as if levitating above the dial. For nº3 Rose Gold & Black, its finish is matte with a black PVD coating.

Legacy Reliability

3 years of R&D have enabled the Soprod factory to manufacture the Newton® automatic movement, labeled "Swiss made", between the Swiss and French Jura. This movement, containing no Asian component, equips all nº3 Apose watches for 4 reasons: the purity of its design, its high precision, its reliability and its high resistance to shocks thanks to the Incabloc® double cone shock absorber and the bridge of crossing balance.

The alliance between style and robustness

The bracelet of Apose watches is unique in its design and required a significant development phase. The 316L steel buckle is covered with rubber on its sides to extend the strap. Apose has used the best elastomer capable of resisting external aggressions, FKM rubber. The Saffiano pattern or NATO-style decor adorn the Apose watch.

Made in France

The most French of high-end watches deserves as much rigor as excellence

Technical specifications

  • Case ø 40 mm

    316L steel
    Microblasted finish
    5N rose gold PVD coating

    316L steel
    Brushed and polished finish on the chamfer
    5N rose gold PVD coating

    316L steel
    Circular brushed and polished finish on the chamfer
    Laser engraving
    5N rose gold PVD coating

    316L steel
    Notched with laser engraved monogram
    Polished finish
    5N rose gold PVD coating

    Sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating to intensify the depth of the dial

    30m or 3 bar

  • Dial

    Polished lacquered black to accentuate the levitation of the indexes
    Logo and monogram in black with high-relief pad printing

    Exclusive Apose design
    Glossy black varnished finish
    Skeleton seconds hand with hexagon, matte black varnished finish

  • Flange

    Flange and indexes made in one piece
    Matte finish
    Black PVD coating

  • Movement

    Mechanical self-winding

    Newton®, Soprod manufacture

    Elaborate R7, 7 s/day +/- 7

    Central hours, minutes and seconds
    Stop seconds for precise time setting

    Incabloc® double cone shock absorber
    Through balance bridge for increased protection of the balance

    Power reserve
    44 hours

  • Bracelet

    Black FKM rubber
    NATO spirit decor or Saffiano texture
    Width 20mm

    316L steel with 5N rose gold PVD coating
    2 loops, polished finish
    Overmolded pin buckle, brushed finish

Origins of parts

  • French made

    The following 7 components are made by French craftsmen:
    The middle, the bezel, the back, the crown, the glass, the hands and the flange.

  • Made in Italy

    The following 2 components are made by an Italian craftsman:
    The strap and the clasp.

  • Swiss made

    The following 2 components are made by Swiss craftsmen:
    The movement and the dial.

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